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Belrose works with various organizations to organize extraordinary rallies around the world.

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Belrose Classics collaborates with different organizations to create premium rallies around the world and service you throughout these journeys. We bring the comfort, our clients bring the style.

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Bentley Boys Tour 2022

La Butte Aux Bois  |  25-28/08/22 

Bentley Heritage Rally in the UK  |  September 2022

4500 km through Africa  |  29/10/21 – 14/11/21

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Welcome to our community of passionate enthusiasts of classic cars, elegance and adventure.

Join us on different (inter)national events and rallies


Come & meet us

To celebrate the love of driving and the sound of engines, you can find us in the main classic car events around Belgium and Europe.

Mol |  1 day  |  01/10/2022

Knokke  |  3 days  |  07-09/10/2021

Nederland |  2 days  |  July 2022

Belgium  |  3 days  |  24-25/06/2022


Belrose Classics likes to not only focus on the fun but also on the necessary. We believe giving back should be a part of all professional engagements. Belrose Classics donates a part of its profits from the rallies to For a better life (FABL), an organisation that focuses on the welfare of children in and outside of the country.

“Thanks to Belrose Classics, my Peking to Paris rally was a great success. Perfectly prepared car, regular phone support during the rally and a surprise visit from Franz during our passage in Rally.”

“With my 1.96m in height, most of my cars aren’t really comfortable for me. At Belrose my E-type was adjusted to my height during restoration and driving is much more enjoyable now.”

“I always enjoy my visit to Belrose Classics and I love the family atmosphere of the company. You feel like a special customer and are always welcome to have a petrolhead moment and a coffee.”


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