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To celebrate the love of driving and the sound of engines, you can find us in the main classic car events around Belgium and Europe.

Retro Mobile Paris

Paris  |  5 days  |  03/02/21

Retro Classics Stuttgart

Paris  |  5 days  |  03/02/21

Techno Classica Essen

Paris  |  5 days  |  03/02/21

Interclassics Maastricht

Paris  |  5 days  |  03/02/21

Can I drive my classic car during corona times?

During states of lockdown, people are not prohibited to drive their classic cars but everyone is advised to keep the commuting or travelling to a minimum to make space for the healthcare workers.

“Thanks to Belrose Classics, my Peking to Paris rally was a great success. Perfectly prepared car, regular phone support during the rally and a surprise visit from Franz during our passage in Rally.”

“With my 1.96m in height, most of my cars aren’t really comfortable for me. At Belrose my E-type was adjusted to my height during restoration and driving is much more enjoyable now.”

“I always enjoy my visit to Belrose Classics and I love the family atmosphere of the company. You feel like a special customer and are always welcome to have a petrolhead moment and a coffee.”


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