Bentley Special Racer

About this car

This Bentley Racing Special is a recreation of the race cars created in the early and mid 30’s. This Bentley Special 3/8 Racer is a Bentley for everyday use, rallies, or a blast around the track, easy to drive and great fun.

The heart of this unique classic is the 8 cylinder B series engine, often maligned as commercial engines but married to 4 SU carburettors and the 8 pipes exiting the bonnet in a Spitfire-esque manner brings out the potency of this power plant. The noise is like music to the driver, and once the right foot is to the floor, the Bentley disappears down the road in a cloud of black rubber smoke.


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The Mechanics

Chassis: Refurbished Bentley Mark 6 

Engine: Bentley B81 6516cc, eight-cylinder in-line. Wet sump lubrication. 4 SU Type H.6 carburettors. Selectable engine driven mechanical or twin electric fuel pumps. 
Exhaust System: Large-bore straight through stainless steel exhaust system. 
Clutch: Single dry plate, heavy duty or lightweight diaphragm. 
Transmission: Bentley Four speed and reverse. Choice of crown wheel and pinion ratio. 
Suspension: Upgraded front and rear road springs 
Braking System: Hydraulic front drum brakes, mechanical rear drum brakes, assisted by mechanically driven servo. 
Wheels & Tyres: 19” wire wheels with 19 x 6.50 tyres. Knock on stainless steel spinners. 


The tubular steel frame with aluminum panels offers a light but strong base for this Racer. A full tonneau cover is included. The car has a solid nickel radiator shell and all bright work is nickel-plated.


The interior leather is upholstered with bucket seats for the driver and passenger. This sporty interior is made to offer maximum comfort on long driving days.

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