Bentley Special Justine

About this car

Elegantly proportioned and highly finished Bentley MKVI Special built by Belrose Classics Coachbuilders. With great reliability, a Bentley MKVI is the perfect platform to build into a Special. This unique vehicle was built with the biggest attention to detail and all comfort while still respecting the magic of a pre-war Bentley. The car was built around the following tagline: offering maximal reliability, driving pleasure and nostalgia. 


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The Mechanics

The engine is a MKVI 4 1/2 L engine restored to the highest standards. To avoid a recurrent ignition problem in a classic car, we replaced the mechanical distributor with an electronic ignition.

Comfort first

The interior presents plenty details, all of them as practical as beautiful. A perfect example of the high comfort is the impressive soft top system which closes in one turn of arms.

Made to measure

This “vintage” & completely handmade vehicle can be customized to your specifications and likings. Color, interior finishes, rally-adjustments,… You name it.

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Belrose Classics Kempen Rally

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines! It’s finally time again to grab your classic car keys, fire up the engine and go outdoors for a drive along some of the best driving roads in our region. 

Exclusively for our customers, we’re offering a free roadbook to enjoy a corona-proof rally of +/- 2 hours and 30 minutes. Discover scenic roads, local villages and enjoy the addictive feeling of driving your classic car.

During the entire month of April, roadbooks can be picked up at Belrose Classics in Geel, Belgium. Make your appointment to collect your roadbook. See you in our showroom!